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Lamborghini Aventador

Is it me but does that not look like toothless


Lamborghini Aventador

Is it me but does that not look like toothless


Suits Merchandise:













Dildo Generator

Online 3D experiment by Ikaros Kappler which is described as a “Extrusion/Revolution Generator” ….

Created with three.js, you can alter the bezier curves and angle of the form, and is designed with 3D printing in mind (models can be exported and saved, as well as calculated weight in silicone).

Try it out for yourself (if you wish) here

the time is now

hell yeah


ah yes, the ol rolling pin dilda



it’s called the purple ramjet

which end do you start with? the answer is yours to decide

shove a vase up your ass

not even jesus could save yall motherfuckers’ souls

i call it the matterhorn

cackling just continues to get louder as I scroll through

i think this is the first time an internet community has discovered something customizable and adamantly refused to make penises


Everything Love

More good vibes here
Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.
Marcus Aurelius (via veuveperdue)
Unusually cold mornings are good for the soul,
Like forceful winds against a weak flame;
The embers are not extinguished,
They burn ever more fiercely on.
A Moment of August, by Sarah L.T. (amindinpursuit)
Reblog if you want to have a pillow fight…. naked.

Freedom is a tenable objective only for responsible individuals. We do not believe in freedom for madmen or children. The necessity of drawing a line between responsible individuals and others is inescapable, yet it means that there is an essential ambiguity in our ultimate objective of freedom. Paternalism is inescapable for those whom we designate as not responsible.

Children offer a more difficult case. The ultimate operative unit in our society is the family, not the individual. Yet the acceptance of the family as the unit rests in considerable part on expediency rather than principle. We believe that parents are generally best able to protect their children and to provide for their development into responsible individuals for whom freedom is appropriate. But we do not believe in the freedom of parents to do what they will with other people. The children are responsible individuals in embryo, and a believer in freedom believes in protecting their ultimate rights.

To put this in a different and what may seem a more callous way, children are at one and the same time consumer goods and potentially responsible members of society. The freedom of individuals to use their economic resources as they want includes the freedom to use them to have children — to buy, as it were, the services of children as a particular form of consumption. But once this choice is exercised, the children have a value in and of themselves and have a freedom of their own that is not simply an extension of the freedom of the parents.

Milton Friedman, Capitalism and Freedom, 1962. (via stuff-that-irks-me)


Bad correlation. Abstinence isn’t a cause of heart disease or early death, but it could be possible that drinking is related to a longer life and less heart disease. But you can’t prove a negative like that.